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About Lisa Waichunas

Lisa Waichunus - Theatre on the GreenAt the age of 10, Lisa got hooked on theatre when her brother, who was playing Oliver's father in the musical at the historic Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, invited her to play an orphan as they were having trouble finding boys. Lisa fondly remembers playing in the orchestra pit with the other "orphans" after repeatedly being told not to.

Lisa graduated from De Paul University with a B.S. in Commerce and lived in Chicago for 20 years where she studied acting at the Ted Liss Studio... read more

About Theatre on the Green

Founded in 2006, Theatre on the Green is dedicated to enriching young people's lives through the performing arts and in service to the community.
The student training is based on the Stanislavski system and includes vocal, movement, and emotional training, theatre games and exercises, improvisation, scene study, and building a character.

In addition to learning the craft of acting, students share their time and talents to fund raise for charities including women and homeless shelters, and all productions benefit a veteran/military organization such as Paralyzed Veterans of America. The young actors' production of the family comedy, fall production raised $600 for the Wounded Warrior Project... read more

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